What can I do to increase lead quality and avoid spam enquiries?

We strongly believe in empowering digital marketers with tools that mitigate the influence of fake lead enquiries as well low quality lead capture.

LeadGen has a number of features that can help you improve lead quality in your lead capture form:

  • Google ReCAPTCHA fields
  • Geo-fencing feature
  • Customisable form structure and use of required question fields
  • Email and phone number validation

Use Google ReCAPTCHA:

Use Google ReCAPTCHA

Firstly, you can consider enabling Google ReCAPTCHA checks on your LeadGen form. ReCAPTCHA is a feature which will validate real enquiries vs bot enquiries. You can enable this feature in the left menu sidebar in LeadGen. Click on the ReCAPTCHA menu item and then set-up your ReCAPTCHA key.

Check out this article to find out how to set-up ReCAPTCHA on your forms.

Geo-fencing feature:

LeadGen a feature that allows you to block the visibility of LeadGen forms in any country in the world, e.g. you could say that as a US-based company, you only want to show the form to users with a US or Canadian IP address, while blocking other countries.

If you are running an ad campaign targeted at the middle east region, you can easily select those countries in LeadGen and massively optimise the geographic targeting for lead enquiries. Though you can’t get a 100% guarantee for accuracy as virtual IP addresses might be used by some people, it’s still extremely effective.

Geo-fencing feature

 Find out more about the geofencing feature here.

Customisable form structure and use of required question fields:

It is a good idea to test different form variants to gauge which form type provides you with the best responses. Generally speaking, the longer the form, the lower the lead conversion rate. However, a longer, more complex form might help you generate more legitimate enquiries. 

LeadGen can provide you with all different tools and question types to create custom forms. Coming up up an AB test of two different form variants will help you get an understanding of what forms show the best results.

LeadGen form - structure overview, comparing classic form vs. multi-step form

In the image above, you can see different ways to design a lead capture form. The upper one is quite basic and doesn't include qualifying questions like "What service are you interested in?". Adding questions like this can help you increase the barrier for spam to come through.

Using a multi-step form lead capture as shown with the form shown below is an effective way to create enquiry forms rather than just using simple opt-in fields that bots can easily detect.

Furthermore, making questions required in multi-step forms, e.g. open text fields can help to reduce spam enquiries and at the same time help you capture better quality leads.

Email and phone number validation:

Furthermore, LeadGen has email and phone validation features to ensure that only real email and phone number combinations get entered into lead capture forms by users.

We got more features planned to create an online lead capture form that will give you peace of mind and improve lead quality for your business. Stay tuned for AI-based lead conversion + lead quality optimisation and more.

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