How to add Google ReCAPTCHA on your LeadGen forms?

Learn how to add Google ReCAPTCHA in LeadGen forms to help you detect abusive bot traffic and increase lead quality.

Google ReCAPTCHA is a widget that you can enable to load up before form submission which verifies genuine user traffic.

Recaptcha checkbox

Here is how to set-up reCAPTCHA:

1. Login to your Google account

2. Open up Google reCAPTCHA and follow-up the set-up steps. Add the domain on where you will embed your LeadGen forms.

2.1 Click on Get Started

2.2. In the Developers Guide click on reCAPTCHA v3

2.3. Register ReCAPTCHA keys

Then follow the steps: Register a new site if you are just starting to use reCAPTCHA. Otherwise, continue by filling in the fields of Label, reCAPTCHA type, Domains and Owner email addresses.

Once added, accept the reCAPTCHA terms and click on Submit:

3. Copy site key and secret key

Google reCAPTCHA keys

4. Go back to the reCAPTCHA page inside LeadGen App and add site key and secret key, then save it

5. Create a LeadGen form

6. In form settings of your form, set Google ReCAPTCHA to enabled.

That's it. If visitors fill in your form and click on submit, they will see the ReCAPTCHA widget coming up.

Google reCAPTCHA settings

👆 You’re all caught up