What are the Steps to Create a LeadGen Form?

Creating LeadGen forms is easy and doesn't require any coding skills. Here are the 5 simple steps for building a LeadGen form.

Building LeadGen Forms is easy and doesn't require any coding experience.

Though, when you are just starting with the tool, you might need some guidance on where to find all the features that you need.

Every form design is different and can be built for so many different purposes, e.g. lead capture, applications, surveys, feedback forms, contact forms on websites. Still, building all these different forms follows the same process in LeadGen.

Simply follow these 5 steps to create a form in LeadGen:


1. Build Your LeadGen Form

2. Choose Form Design

3. Embed Form on Page

4. Thank-You message and Notifications

5. Integrate Form with Tools

👆 You’re all caught up