How can I centralize the question title and description text in forms?

It's possible to give your form a unique look by centralizing the question title and description elements. Here's how to set it up quickly.

Here is how you can change your form design from left-aligned to centralized content to change the form appearance like this:

Left-aligned content                                                        Centralized content

Go to “Forms” after logging in.

Click on the name of the form you want to edit.

Go to the edit page by clicking on the pencil icon.

In the header, select “Design.”

In the top bar, go to “Typography,” and for each element from the form, you will see the option called “Text Alignment.” This includes:

- Question title
- Question description
- Input put

Click on the section you want to change and select the alignment you want to use from the dropdown menu. 

Click “Save” in the top right corner when you’re finished.

Alternative method:

You can also use the textbox elements to centralize form content:

LeadGen forms question alignment

Different form looks: Left: Left-aligned text; On the right: Centralized text elements

Step to do it:

To bring question title and description text to the centre, you need to add textbox and move it above your question.

First, simply click on the orange button below your question.

How to add textboxes in LeadGen

Then click on "Textbox" to add a textbox

Add new element in LeadGen form-builder

In the textbox simply type in your question title and description text as needed and use the editor to make changes to size, formatting and alignment. The textbox editor allows you to use bigger font types than the regular question title settigs.

LeadGen form-builder text alignment in textboxes

Next, make sure to hide your title and remove any text from the question description so that your textbox title and normal title and description text doesn't appear twice.

LeadGen form-builder - Options to change question elements

Follow the same steps for your next questions to centralize your title and description elements across the whole form.

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