How to customize multiple choice questions?

Multiple-choice questions are challenging and time-consuming to create. With LeadGenApp, you can easily design and customize questions based on your specific requirements.

After logging in, go to “Forms.”

Access the forms section in LeadGen App

Create a new form using the button on the top right corner.

Add new LeadGen form

In the “Question type” dropdown menu, you can choose between “Single select” and “Multiple select.” The first type will allow you to pick only one answer from the options available. In contrast, the second one will give you the option to choose as many as you want, depending, of course, on how you set it up.

Choose question type

Under the "Skin" dropdown, you have multiple options that will define the question's overall look. We will show you some examples down below. 

Change skin type of select question type

The alignment options will change the way answers appear in the form.

Change alignment of select question type

Next, you have the choices section. Here you can set your answer choices. 

Edit questions in select questions

By default, each one will have three choices. If you want to add a new one, click on the "+ Choice" button at the end. If you’re going to remove one, when you hover the mouse over a choice, a "remove" option will appear in the top right-hand corner.

Add choices and text in select question type

If you select "Image" as your skin, in the choices area, you will see a new field called "Description" and a button called "Image." You should use the first to add the question choice label and the second one to upload, and then choose the image you want to show for each selection.

Change select skin to image question type

If you select "Icon" as your skin, a "Select Icon" button will replace the "Image” one.

Change select skin to icon question type

When you click on "Select icon," the icon library will appear, and you'll have to choose your icons from this list.

Choose from icon design library

Let’s dive deeper into the design options; click on “Design” in the header.

Enter design section in LeadGen App form-builder

Once you are in the "Design" section, open "UI Elements" and then "Select" from the secondary tab menu. Here you can make changes to the choices available for each question. 

Design section - UI elements, Select buttons to make changes to form design

Here is an example where we edited the hover and active appearance (active is when an option is selected).

Make changes to button colours

If you choose the image or icon skin, you need to click on the "Choice Image/Icon" tab to change the design. There is a small difference here as you have different tabs for different states; you won't find all of them on the same page as above.

Make changes to form design, Image/Icon question type

Here is another example, showing the “Button” skin and the ”Horizontal Center” alignment.

Alignment change in select choices

Below, you can see that we selected the "Radio" skin and changed the alignment to "Horizontal Space Between."

Radio skin type with changed the alignment to "Horizontal Space Between."

Radio buttons on LeadGen form step

Last, we have the "Icon option" together with the "Boxed Content" layout on three columns and "Horizontal" alignment.

Icon select option together with the Boxed Content

Icon select choices in live form

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