How to connect forms to Thank-you pages/messages

Send your leads to a message or custom URL after form submission. Here's how to do it.

While on the form overview page, click on the form preview icon, as shown in the screenshot below. Afterward, send the submission and see the current version of the thank you page.

Preview LeadGen forms from form overview page

You will see the following message appearing after you submit the form:

Thank you message

1. Edit Thank-You message

Go back to the form overview page and click on the “Form Settings” button.

Access form settings from form overview page

In the “Form Settings” page, scroll all the way down to the “Submit Actions” field. Here is where you can edit the message on the thank you page.

Edit Thank you message text

Continue by editing the text editor with your custom “Thank you” message. Make sure you get the most out of the available formatting options and make the message stand out, e.g. by making the text bold or adding a link.

Edit Thank you message text via editor

Scroll up on the page and click the Save button when you are finished with editing.

Here's how the Thank-you message would now appear in the live form:

Updated thank you message text

2. Redirect to custom URL

To link to a custom URL instead of a message, go to the Form overview page, Settings and Submit Actions again.

Change to redirect via custom Thank-you URL 

Scroll down to the “Submit Actions” section and change the submit action to “Go To URL.” When the form is submitted, there will be no thank you page. The user will be redirected to the URL that you type in here. Use the following URL formats:   or

Change setting for redirect to custom URL

Submit the form once again to see the redirect to the new URL, which you’ve just added.

Live form view, going from last form step to Thank you page

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