How to ask for date of birth in a LeadGen form?

Different methods that you can use to ask users for their date of birth

We will go through three different methods to ask for the date of birth using LeadGen App. 

1. Short Text Question with Placeholder

The first method uses just one “Short text” question with the placeholder DD/MM/YYYY. Although the users can type anything as an answer, the placeholder should be more than enough to understand how to answer this. 

Simply use short text as question type and write your desired answer format in the placeholder text, e.g. 

DD/MM/YYYY or DD/MM/YY. Users will then understand that they should type in the date in a certain format.

2. Dropdown questions

The second method uses three different questions - one for the year, one for the month, and a third one for the day of birth. 

Create a multi-step form with  only one step which contains three but with three questions. Use the orange plus button to add questions to the same step.

All three questions will be the single select type. The first one will ask for the year of birth, and you will have to use the labels to add years going back. Each label will be one option that will appear in the dropdown menu. 

We use the same concept for the second question that will be about the month of birth. Create a single select question and add the months of the year as labels.

The third question will ask for the day of birth, and the label will have to show the values from 1 to 31.

3. Date type question

The third option is to use the date question type. It’s very straightforward as the user will see a calendar and pick their date of birth. 

Here is how the date question looks on the form.

To scroll easily through the years, the user can click on the year on the top left corner and will see the list of available years to select from.

If you go back to the question settings and turn on the “Date Range” option, you can add a start date.

In the print screen above, we added January 1, 1975, as the starting date. Now the user can’t go back further than 1975 when selecting the date of birth. 

There's an extra option for the date question type at the bottom, named "Auto Increment." It is useful in situations where the date needs to be dynamic, as it makes today the start date selection. Think of a form where someone can select the hour of an appointment and won't have yesterday as an option. 

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