How can I append form data to the Thank-You URL?

This guide will show you how to append your form data to the thank-you page link to build further marketing automation and pre-fill other forms with your responses.

On your dashboard, click “Forms.”

Select the form you want to edit.

Go to “Form Settings.”

Scroll to the “Submit actions” area and select “Go To URL” from the dropdown menu. Once you do that, the “Append data to URL” will appear. Click on it to turn it on.

Go back to the form page and click on preview.

Fill out the form and click submit.

You will be redirected to the page you mentioned and the URL will contain the answers to the questions.

The example above, with just one question regarding the date of birth, will create this URL: 

We used “” as the target URL for the redirect and you can see the answer to the question as a parameter after “?.”

In a more complex example with multiple questions in the survey, the final URL will be similar to this:


Here you can also notice a multi-select question, S3_Q1, with the answers “Twitter” and “Snapchat.”

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