How can I fix forms that are not loading?

Make your form appear without embed problems in your website or landing page builder. Follow the steps below to avoid problems with form visibility.

It is normal if your form loads up within 2 seconds after page load, e.g. inside WordPress.

However, if the load bar keeps running on the live web-page without showing the form, it is a problem and could be resolved by the following steps:

How to fix forms that don't load up

1. Geo-location settings: Check if you have the Geo-location feature enabled, which is hiding forms for certain visitors. Even if you enabled form visibility in your country, try to change settings and make the form visible for all regions. Check whether the form loads up with the changed settings.

2. Change form embed code: If the form still doesn't load, try out the second provided form embed code: If you use iframe, try the direct embed code and vice versa.

If the issue remains, contact us via the chat below and share the live page URL.

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