My forms load slowly. How can I improve load time?

This article presents a series of steps to resolve load times issues. Follow these steps to find out why your form is loading slowly and achieve better load times.

Normal load times of LeadGen forms are 1-2 seconds after the web-page loads up. Our forms are working with HTML scripts which means they need a small response period to fully load up. 

We understand how important form load time is and constantly aim to keep improving it. 

If your form loads slower than 3 seconds, try the following steps:

1. Remove visual image/icon buttons, and media files in textboxes (Large images, GIFs) from the first form step to reduce content load.

2. If you use several questions on the first form step, try to reduce those to show less content load.

3. Use the direct embed script which typically achieves faster load times that the iframe script

4. Ensure your web-page loads up fast using caching plugins, so that the form load is not getting delayed.

If need more help, simply paste your web-page link that contains the form and we will get back to you shortly.

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