How can I change the form width?

In this guide you will see how to expand or decrease the form width. Follow the instructions below to achieve this.

You can change the form width from the form embed code. 

Both the direct embed and the iframe code allow you to change the form width. Open the form in the builder, go to the "Share" tab and make change to the embed code.

For Direct Embed, turn off the "Full Width Form" setting and set a new width number. Increasing the numeric value, e.g. from "500px" to "700px" will give you a wider form, smaller values a smaller form.

For the Iframe code, you can set the width in the "Width (PX) field" below the embed code.

Paste the embed code with the adjusted values into your web-page editor to see the changes reflect. You can keep editing the form embed directly from your web-page, by changing the width values.

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