How can I post form data to the Thank-you page URL?

This guide will show you how to post your form data to the thank-you page URL using hosting services (post-method)

For this scenario, you need to create a hosting set-up before using the post method integration in LeadGen App.

You can go to your hosting account or use any free hosting service, like Head to the signup page and create your account.

You will see a screen asking you to add a name and create a password for your project.

Once you are on the platform, go to “File Manager.”

Proceed to the “public_html” folder and upload your script or create a new file.

After creating the new file, right-click on it, select “Edit,” and paste the script below.



if ($_POST) {

    echo '<h4>Form has Post Data</h4>';


} else {

    echo '<h4>Form does not have Post Data</h4>';



Now that the file is ready to receive information, right-click on it, and select “View.”

Copy the URL of the newly created file and open LeadGenApp.

Click on “Edit” on the form where you want to use this post-method, and then click on “Form Settings.” Once you are on the settings page, go to the “Choose Submit Action” dropdown and select “Go To URL.” Paste the URL from the hosting platform into the “Destination Url” field, and turn on the “Post form data to URL” option below.

Open the form and make a test submission. The information provided in the submission should be visible on the script page.

👆 You’re all caught up