How can I randomize the order of options in multiple choice questions?

Here is how you can present form visitors a randomized order of options in multiple choice questions, e.g. for reducing order biases in surveys.

Here’s a quick guide on how to show the answers to a question in a random order each time the question is loaded.

This is useful when you are gathering information and you want to remove the primacy bias - the tendency for respondents to pick one of the first options presented to them. Showing the options in a different order every time will increase the trust in the result of the survey.

Open the “Forms” page using the sidebar menu.

Select the name of the form.

Click on the “edit” icon.

You will see an option called “Enable Random Choice Order” that is turned off by default for each question. Click on the icon to turn it on.

Click on preview in the top right corner to see the options randomized.

Here is another preview.

And another preview - you can see how the options change automatically.

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