How can I use Google powered Address Autocomplete in LeadGen forms?

Using autocomplete, your users can fill their address details without the hassle of typing it all manually. Simply set up your app in Google Cloud and add the API Key into your app settings and you are good to go.

Steps to do it

1. Set Up Google Cloud

Navigate to Google Cloud and click on Console

 Select your country and agree to the Terms of Service.



To set up your billing profile navigate to the “Billing” section and Click on “Add Billing Account”.    

Select your “Country” and agree to the “Terms of Service”.

 Add your Profile and Payment details. 

After filling all the details, click on "Start My Free Trial”.


Answer the following questions and click on “Done”.


To set up your project in google cloud navigate to the “Dashboard” section and click on “Go to project settings”.


Set Project Name and click on “Save”. You have successfully created your project & this project is now linked with your billing profile.

APIs & Services:

Navigate to the “APIs & Services> Dashboard” section. Select “Enable APIs & Services”. 


Search and enable “Places API”  and do the same with “Maps Javascript API”.


Navigate to the “APIs & Services> Credentials” section. Click on “Create Credentials” and select “API key”. 


Note: Please save the API Key for LeadGen App Settings

2. Integrate Google Cloud to LeadGen App:

Go to Settings to add Google API Key:

  • Navigate to the “Settings -> Global API Keys” section.

  • Add generated API Key here and click on “save”.

Form Build

To enable the Google Autocomplete feature, Select “Address type question” and choose the skin type “Google Autocomplete”.



Next select “Global API Key” in API Key Source. Now select “Google API Key” in Choose Google API Key.

Under the "Auto Complete Mode" dropdown, you have multiple options and can choose "Manual" or "Search".

Here is how the address type question with “Auto Complete Mode - Search” looks on the form.

If you go back to the question settings and turn on the “Make Fields Editable” option, you can Enable/Disable Address Fields. Using this, you can make changes to the address fields.

Here is how the address type question with “Auto Complete Mode - Search” with enabled “Make Fields Editable” option looks on the form:

Here is how the address type question with “Auto Complete Mode - Manual” looks on the form:

👆 You’re all caught up