Google Analytics Integration Guide

How you can connect LeadGen App to your Google Analytics (GA) account to show your form leads as GA events.


Steps to do it:

Note: Go to Step 10 if you already have a Google Analytics set up:

1. Navigate to Google Analytics and click on the Start measuring button.

2. Enter account details and click on the Next button.

3. Enter property name and click on the next button.

4. Enter business information and click on the Create button.

5. Read the terms and conditions carefully, and accept the terms.

6. Check all the checkboxes and click on the save button.

7. Choose the platform that you will be using.

8. Enter the WEBSITE URL ( and the Stream name. Click on Create stream button.

9. You will be redirected to Web Stream details. Copy the “Measurement ID”.


If you already have a Google Analytics account, start here:

10. For existing GA4 account users,the measurement ID can be found as shown in the images below. 

11. Go to Admin panel and click on Data Streams

If you already have created a Data Stream, click on it and you can find the measurement ID.

12. To add a Data stream Click on the Add Stream button and then get a measurement ID.

13. Go to the LeadGen form that you want to integrate with Google Analytics and click on Form Settings.

14. Under Tracking, enter the Measurement ID and save the settings.

With Google Analytics integration, you can keep track of the following events:

  1. Form submission

  2. Form interaction

  3. Step passed

You can also keep track of events involving experiments. Reports are generated after 24 hours of activity. You can check the reports as shown below:

This is how Events look like in the Google Analytics report:

This is how Events with Experiments look like in Google Analytics report:

👆 You’re all caught up