Is it possible to track LeadGen conversions inside Unbounce?

This article shows you how to integrate LeadGen App with Unbounce to show your conversions inside your Unbounce dashboard

It's possible track your LeadGen lead conversions in your Unbounce landing page. In this video, we will show you the step-by-step process of setting up conversion tracking so that you can see your lead generation data directly in your Unbounce page. 

Before following these steps make sure you have a landing page with LeadGen form embedded in Unbounce. Here are the steps to set up tracking of LeadGen forms in Unbounce: 

1. Create a simple Thank-you page in Unbounce  

2. Go to the form settings in LeadGen and use the Thank-you page URL in Submit Actions as your form Thank-you page 

3. Copy the Unbounce pixel code as mentioned in their documentation here: 

4. Paste the Unbounce Javascript code before the body tag in the Unbounce Thank-you page. 

Now you can track lead conversions in Unbounce, on your main landing page. 

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